Tokyo Street Market

Ke Charcoal Grill & Kinjo Sushi have teamed up to bring you a whole new take on Japanese Food Calgary. Our new concept is called 'Tokyo Street Market'. We've modelled the menu and decor based on the delicacies you would find exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo's many street markets.

Tokyo Street Market has a patio overlooking the city and also serves a variety of alcoholic drinks including some Japanese beers & sake. The concept we're embodying is fresh-fast food. The perfect place for a quick lunch, or to hang after work for a beer. Tokyo Street Market is child-friendly and we're sure they will love some of our traditional Japanese decor.


  • Ramen (Dine-In Only - Special opening price!)

    $ 5
    Miso, Spicy Miso, Soy, Spicy Soy
  • Yakitori | 3 Pcs

    $ 5
    Beef, Chick, Pork, Lamb, Corn
  • Donburi

    $ 5
    Chashu, Chicken Karaage, Kimuchi Sashimi
  • Oden | 5 pcs

    $ 5
    Any Combination Of Oden
  • Oden | 10 pcs

    $ 9
    Any Combination Of Oden
  • Takoyaki | 4 Pcs

    $ 5
    Original, Cheese, Kimuchi
  • Gyoza | 4 pcs

    $ 5
    Beef, Pork, Vegetables


  • Draft Sapporo (16 oz)

    $ 5
  • Draft À TOUT LE MONDE (16 oz)

    $ 5
  • Big Bottle Asahi (2 L)

  • Bottle Orinion (633 ml)


Bottled Sake

  • Iwaizake Tokubetsu Honjozo (1.8 L)

    More Premium Japanese Sake By Kaiun
  • Junmai Daiginjo Kiwami (1.8 L)

    Most Premium Japanese Sake By Aizuhomare

Draft Sake

  • Draft Aziuhomare Honjozo (3 oz)

    $ 4
    Premium Japanese Sake
  • Draft Aziuhomare Honjozo (10 oz)

    $ 12
    Premium Japanese Sake
  • Iwaizake Tokubetsu Honjozo(3 oz)

    More Premium Japanese Sake By Kaiun
  • Iwaizake Tokubetsu Honjozo (10 oz)

    More Premium Japanese Sake By Kaiun
  • Junmai Daiginjo Kiwami (3 oz)

    Most Premium Japanese Sake By Aizuhomare
  • Junmai Daiginjo Kiwami (18 oz)

    Most Premium Japanese Sake By Aizuhomare


We've been perfecting our broth Ramen broth for years. This classic dish can be enjoyed with your choice of chicken, pork, or beef.


Freshly grilled all day everyday Yakitori skewers. Perfectly seasoned you'll have to try them all - shrimp, chicken, pork, & beef.


Takoyaki is a traditional Japanese snack. Diced octopus or tempura, pickled ginger battered and fried to perfection.

Order Pickup

You can order pickup at Japanese Street Market by calling us at (403) 452-3794. But, we're so speedy you won't need to call in - just come on down!

Order Delivery

We've teamed up with Skip The Dishes to bring Tokyo Street Market to your door. Now you can have Ramen and other delicious dishes in the comfort of your own home!

Word On The Street

"We got to take a sneak peek at this new restaurant and I know it's going to be my go-to spot for Ramen. It's kind of self serve/fast food which is great because you get your food really quickly and it's all fresh. Super affordable and great for lunch or for something after work."

Carly H


922 Centre Street N.E.
Calgary, T2E 2P7

Mon - Sat 11:00am - Midnight

Sun 11:00am - 11:00pm


Now Hiring

Tokyo Street Market Is Hiring!

Kitchen Staff

Dining Staff

If you are a quick learner, friendly, and fun and want to be part of our amazingly supportive team, please contact us via email, phone, or in store with your resume!